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Before I give links to assorted lists, I thought it would be nice to offer a list of 70 or so objects that show up well in most 8" or larger scopes. Many of these are viewable in smaller telescopes.  Most all of these are very popular 'must visit' objects or areas for anybody who enjoys the wonders of the night skies. 
I frequently return to  all of these objects and locations.

Marko's Eye Candy List

As far as my own observations, I have as of yet not determined a good way to make available all of these on this webpage but I hope to do so someday.

All my observing reports are in a big spreadsheet and on individual reports for each outing in a form that allows import to MegaStar so I can revisit the night. I also have most on recordings from the field.  Below are some key reports.

The Astronomical League Projects I have completed

The links below bring up many sets of observations that were done for earning cirtificates from The Astronomical League.  The 'clubs' that the league has can be both challanging as well as rewarding to expand your abilities to find and describe objects. 

Messier Club  -  A list of just over 100 objects that are for the most part showpieces

Herschel 400 List 1 Club - 400 of the more bright objects found by the Herschel Family

Herschel 400 List 2 Club - 400 more fairly 'bright' objects found by the Herschel Family

Globular Cluster Club - A list exclusively of the intriguing tight clusters of stars

Caldwell Club - Popular list of just over 100 objects from showpieces to very dim.

Southern Skies Club - A large number of objects that lay low or below northern horizons.

Flat Galaxies Club - Galaxies that are near or full edge on and often extremely dim.

My full set of Observations for a 5-day Trip down under to Australia. Use Word Wrap!
Australian Southern Skies Observing Report

Arkaroola Resort Astronomical Facilities

Zip file of some great deep south charts I prepaired