Sharing astrononomy information, references, pictures and tools
Web Links Of Value
Web links to Lists And References for Astronomical Objects

International Dark Sky Association - Dark sky info and how you can help keep the skies dark.

Constellations - Wonderfully done and well organized site for the constellations

Beginning Backyard Astronomy pages  by HomeAdvisor Guide and HomeAdVice Guide

Telescope Observation page for beginners or intermediate observers by  Heartland America

Naked Eye Astronomy - Tips for looking at the night sky with no telescope.

WikiSky - Deep images of full sky with object search. Remarkable

Space Weather -  Our Sun right now at SolarMonitor.  Ham Radio SolarHam and realtime propagation

Heavens Above - Sattelite And Space Station tracking information and astroids/comets as well

Space Elevator Astro Links:  Many astronomy links half way down. It also covers future Space Elevator

Detailed Info Sites For Specific Deep Sky Objects

Astronomical League - #1 organization for observing projects to earning cirtificate/pins or just find lists

Ngc/IC Project - Fantastic site to get pictures of the NGC or IC objects easily.

SAC Observing Lists - Saguaro collection of many fine lists and also see their astro links.

Adventures In Deep Space - Advanced collection of astronomical targets and projects for visual observers.

SkyView Query -  Image search frontend: Powerful and serious image searches

Supernovae Lists:  CBAT list from Harvard and  from Rochester Astronomy with some pictures

Measurements And Calculations Used In Astronomy

Telescope Formulas   -  Also see this link for common formulas for visual and astrophotography math.

Star Testing Of Optics -  Shows star test patterns that are from excellent to bad showing common problems

Collimation: - Sky and Telescope on Newtonian collimation.  SCT is very sensitive see SCT collimation 

SkyQuality meter measures sky glow in mag per Arc Second.  Learn about sky glow and mag per arcSec

Limiting Magnitude Calculator - Calculate expected limited magnitude for the telescope, sky, observer

Atmospheric Effects - Extinction (loss of magnitude due to atmosphere) and Refraction is explained nicely

Image Scale Calculator  -  Enter telescope and CCD sensor specs and calculate arcSec per Pixelsearchs