Sharing astrononomy information, references, pictures and tools
Web Links Of Value
Web links to Lists And References for Astronomical Objects

International Dark Sky Association - Dark sky info and how you can help keep the skies dark.

Constellations - Wonderfully done and well organized site for the constellations

Beginning Backyard Astronomy pages  by HomeAdvisor Guide

Telescope Observation and Tips for beginners or intermediate observers by  Heartland America

WikiSky - Deep images of full sky with object search. Remarkable

Our Sun right now at SolarMonitor.  Ham Radio SolarFlux and realtime propagation

Heavens Above - Sattelite And Space Station tracking information and astroids/comets as well

Detailed Info Sites For Specific Deep Sky Objects

Astronomical League - #1 organization for observing projects to earning cirtificate/pins or just find lists

Ngc/IC Project - Fantastic site to get pictures of the NGC or IC objects easily.

SAC Observing Lists - Saguaro collection of many fine lists and also see their astro links.

Adventures In Deep Space - Advanced collection of astronomical targets and projects for visual observers.

Supernovae Lists:  CBAT list from Harvard and  from Rochester Astronomy with some pictures

Measurements And Calculations Used In Astronomy

Telescope Formulas   -  Formulas for visual and astrophotography math.

Star Testing Of Optics -  Shows star test patterns that are from excellent to bad showing common problems

Colimation of telescope:  Newtonian collimation.  SCT is very sensitive see SCT collimation 

SkyQuality meter measures sky glow in mag per Arc Second. 

Limiting Magnitude Calculator - Calculate expected limited magnitude for the telescope, sky, observer

Atmospheric Effects - Extinction (loss of magnitude due to atmosphere) and Refraction is explained nicely

Image Scale Calculator  -  Enter telescope and CCD sensor specs and calculate arcSec per Pixelsearchs