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About AstroSpotter
The amateur astronomer responsible for this site is Mark Johnston.   I live in mid California where the night skies are mostly clear and the nighttime temperatures are reasonable.  

As of 2019 I could be described as an amateur astronomer with just over 4000 logged visual observations as well as a several years developing my astrophotography skills.

I enjoy sharing this hobby with friends who also enjoy the night skies.  Sharing the night skies with friends both builds friendships and is a great way to learn from  the varied experiences of others.
Web Sites Of My Other Endeavours In Other Fields are below:

Astrophotography - My pictures of the objects in our night sky with slideshow on main page
Mark Tunes           - My origional songs written, performed, and produced by yours truely.
Mark      - Robots, Software And assorted technical home-made projects      - Daytime photography of the great outdoors

Email can be sent to:       mark   <atsign>   astrospotter  <dotter>  com