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Our Moon 1st Quarter
This page offers some of my favorite Moon features that are best observed when the moon is in it's 1st quarter and only half lite a week after the new moon.

Download the 'Virtual Moon Atlas' or find one of the many other references on the web.

Below is a crude finder chart followed by a brief discussion of the features seen best at 1st quarter.

Many may feel the best time to observe the moon is when it is full.   This is a fun thing but to see the features of the moon best you want to observe the moon when shadows highlight the features.
Some Of The Highlights.  A few of these will have pictures below the text

* Plato Crater is on the top edge of  vast Mare Imbrium. Large scope can see a split for a section on left

* Clavius Crater has many little craters within to test your scope's resolution limits. In the far south

* Rupes Recta (The Straight Wall) at 1st quarter is a long dark shadow case by a steep  dropoff in elevation. When the sun is on the other side this line is more of a white line when the sun is on that side A much more difficults feature is a far less distinct ridge seen in the left of this picture.

* Alpine Valley is near the top to the right of the famous Plato crater. It is a long flat valley right to left

* Tycho Crater has large mount in the middle and stepped walls.  A picture of Tycho is below but it could be argued that seing this in full moon shot shows vivid ejecta pattern radiating away across the moon.

* Cassini Crater has 3 small craters, 2 within it. Cassini also has interesting ripples on it's floor.

* Montes Apenninus and other mountains form a striking ridge that at this time of the moon cycle casts shadows across the lunar surface.  These mountains are HUGE!

* Rima Hadley is the site of the Apollo 15 landing. You cannot see the lander but there is a long ditch or Rima that shows as a thin dark curving line. This is a more difficult thing to see, larger scope is best.

* Lunar X - This you must catch right as the light to dark 'terminator' is crossing it.  It is a lite up 'X' that is because peaks are lite up so you see an 'X'.     This is just before 1st Quarter.
Plato Crater
Rupes Recta (Straight Wall)
Rima Hadley & Apoll0 15 Site
Alpine Valley
Lunar X
Tycho Crater
Clavius Crater
Montes Apennius